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Flir Face Recognition Temperature Measurement

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: SCANMAX
Certification: CE, RoHS
Model Number: FT20
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
Price: Negotiable
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal
Name: Face Recognition Device Size: 62mm (L)*42mm(W)*25mm(H);
Operating Temperature: -15℃~+60℃ Supply Voltage: 3.8V-5.5V DC
Angle Of View: 25.5°×19.2° Power Consumption: <200mW*
High Light:

Flir Face Recognition Temperature Measurement


256×192 Face Recognition Temperature Measurement


Flir Face Recognition Device

FT20 Cheap Flir Cmos Imaging Facial Recognition Body Temperature Measurement Thermal Camera Manufacturers for Sale


Scanmax Face Temperature Measurement Module FT20 Datasheet-EN


Product Description


The temperature measuring thermal imaging module is developed based on wafer chip scale packaging uncooled vanadium oxide infrared detector, fit for working with various intelligent platform. It boasts the features of high performance, low power consumption, small size and easy for development and integration. It meets the secondary development requirement of various infrared temperature measuring applications.


Product Features


Small size, easy integrated,size :91mm (L)*48mm(W)*25mm(H);

USB interface, easy to connect;

Low power consumption;

High image quality

Accurate temperature measurement;

Standard data interface, supporting secondary development, easy to integrate, and supporting access to various intelligent processing platforms.


Product performance parameters


Model FT20
Resolution 256×192
Cellspacing 12μm
Angle of view 25.5°×19.2°
Image frame rate 25Hz/15Hz
NETD ≤60mK@f#1.0
Operating temperature -15℃~+60℃
Supply voltage 3.8V-5.5V DC
Power consumption <200mW*
Weight <18g
Size / mm 91*48*25
Data interface Control interface/USB
Control interface SPI/I2C/USB
Image enhancement Multi-gear detail enhancement
Picture correction Shutter correction
Swatches White Hot/Black Hot/Multiple Pseudo Color Options
Temp measurement range 0 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃
Temp measurement accuracy ± 0.5 ℃ / ± 5% of range
Temp correction Manual / Auto
Temperature data output Real-time parallel output
Temp measurement statistics Support maximum / minimum statistics, Temperature analysis


* Parallel interface in 25Hz output mode


4 User interface description


The product uses a sub interface, the input voltage is: 3.8 ~ 5.5VDC, does not support overvoltage and undervoltage protection

Serial No. Name Type Voltage Description
1,2 VCC Power -- Power Supply
3,4,12 GND Power -- Ground
5 USB_DMj I/O -- USB 2.0 DM
6 USB_DPj I/O -- DP
7 USBEN*k I -- Enable USB
8 SPI_SCK I Default:1.8V



10 SPI_SDI I ( if need 3.3V SDI
11 SPI_SS I LVCOMS output, please contact us SS
16 DV_D0 O DATA0
17 DV_D1 O DATA1
18 DV_D2 O DATA2
19 DV_D3 O DATA3
20 DV_D4 O DATA4
21 DV_D5 O DATA5
22 DV_D6 O DATA6
23 DV_D7 O DATA7
24 DV_D8 O DATA8
25 DV_D9 O DATA9
26 DV_D10 O DATA10
27 DV_D11 O DATA11
28 DV_D12 O DATA12
29 DV_D13 O DATA13
30 DV_D14 O DATA14
31 DV_D15 O DATA15
33 I2C_SDA I/O   SDA


Pin5, Pin6 default USB2.0, compatible 3.3V TTL UART interface, if need UART interface pls contact us ; Attention: Pin5: TX; Pin6: RX; TX, RX Relative Xmodule S0;

k When the USB_EN pin high level, the 5 and 6 pins working as USB data pins, USB communication uses UVC communication protocol, the image format is YUV422, if you need USB communication development kit, please contact us;

l In PCB design, parallel digital video signal 50 Ω impedance suggested.


Table 3 Electrical Characteristics


Typical VIN =4V, TA = 25°C


Parameter Symbols Test Conditions MIN TYP MAX Unit
Input Voltage Range VIN -- 3.8 4 5.5 V
Load ILOAD USBEN=GND 75 300 mA
USBEN=HIGH 110 340 mA
USB Enable Control USBEN-LOW -- 0.4 V
USBEN- HIGN -- 1.4 5.5V V


Table 4 Absolute Maximum Ratings


Parameters Range
VIN to GND -0.3V to +6V
DP,DM to GND -0.3V to +6V
USBEN to GND -0.3V to 10V
SPI to GND -0.3V to +3.3V
VIDEO to GND -0.3V to +3.3V
I2C to GND -0.3V to +3.3V
Storage Temperature −55°C to +120°C
Operating Temperature −40°C to +85°C

CAUTION: Meeting or exceeding the ranges listed under Absolute Maximum Ratings may cause permanent damage to the product. Operation that exceeds the maximum working conditions for a long time may affect the reliability of the product.


5. Attention


To protect you and others from injury or protect your device from damage, please read all the information below before using your device.

1. Make sure the camera doesn't look directly at high-intensity radiation sources such as the sun;

2. Do not touch the detector window with your hands or other objects;

3. Do not touch the device and cables with wet hands;

4. Do not bend or damage the connecting cables;

5. Do not scrub your equipment with thinner;

6. Do not plug or unplug other cables without disconnecting power;

7. Please do not connect the attached connecting cable incorrectly to avoid damage to the device;

8. Please pay attention to prevent static electricity;

9. Do not disassemble the device. If there is a malfunction, please contact our company and have it repaired by professionals

Product Size
Flir Face Recognition Temperature Measurement 0

Appendix 3 I2C Control Protocol


Table 3 Module I2C address 7bit device address (0x18), read address 0x31, write address 0x30.


Serial number Register address Parameter Description










0x00 Shutter correction *
2 0x01 Background correction
3 0x02 Detector raw output
4 0x05 Image data output
5 0x20 Normal temperature measurement
6 0x21 Extended temperature measurement
7 0x27 16-bit parallel image output
8 0x28 8-bit parallel image output
9 0x29 16-bit parallel image + temperature data output
10 0x2A 8-bit parallel image + temperature data output
11 0x2B Load temperature measurement parameters
12 0xFE Save configuration parameters
13 0x88 0-7 Swatches
14 0x96 float type Target reflection temperature (default 25 ℃)
15 0x97 float type Target ambient temperature (default 25 ℃)
16 0x98 float type Ambient humidity (default 0.45)
17 0x99 float type Target emissivity (default 0.98)
18 0x9a float type Target distance(default 1m)

* Shutter correction function can correct the non-uniformity of infrared images and the accuracy of temperature measurement; the device needs 5-10min to stabilize during the boot process; the device defaults to 3 times of start-up shutter correction, after that, it is not corrected by default, and the back end can periodically call the shutter correction, correct the image and temperature data.


Register status read:


Serial Number

Register address


Return parameter


1 0x01 16 bytes Device PN code
2 0x02 7 bytes Device SN code
3 0x04 16 bytes


Software version number

4 0x05 4 bytes fpa temperature (float type)
5 0x06 2 bytes Shutter temperature (same as temperature data format)
6 0x0A 1 byte Swatches






1 byte

[0-2]: data source [3]: temperature measurement range, 0 normal temperature

1 Wide temperature [4-7]: Parallel interface output type:





Specification Value
Optical Size 1/2.5”inch COMS sensor
Sensor Resolution 2592 (H) x 1944 (V)
Unit Pixel Size 2.0*2.0um
Color Filter RGB Bayer pattem
Shutter Type Electronic Rolling Shutter
Full Resolution 30fps@1080P
Visual Angle 86°
Aperture 2.7
AEC/White Balance Automatic
Focus Distance Fixation 50‐150cm
Interface USB 2.0
Power Supply DC DC 5V ± 5%
Size(Mm) 38mm x 38mm x 18±0.3mm
Operating Temperature ‐10℃ — +60°C
Operating System Requirements Android 7 above
Focal length 2.8mm




Standby 30mA 士 5mA
Operating 165mA 士 5mA @ 1920x1080 /30fps


Flir Face Recognition Temperature Measurement 1

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