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  • Face Recognition Device Detection Workshop
  • Face Recognition Device Detection Workshop

Rakinda has over 20 years non-stop research in barcode reading technology, it’s the leading company in this field in China, as well as a well-known expert in global market.

Our advance uIMG technology is the result of decade’s research and development on imaging based decoding technology:
• High quality digital image capture technology
• Intelligent image processing and decoding technology
• High-performance embedded computing platform
• Embedding application development technology

Shenzhen Rakinda Technology Development Co., Ltd. factory production line 0Shenzhen Rakinda Technology Development Co., Ltd. factory production line 1


Rakinda began independent production of barcode scanner products in 2000 and have since accumulated abundant manufacturing experience. Our manufacturer center covers an area of 6,220 square meters with an annual production capacity of 1,000,000+ units, and is well equipped with advanced technology equipment for production & testing, such as Walmart, Huawei and Tektronix testing equipments.
Quality control system of Rakinda was successively awarded ISO 9001:2008 based on quality control, research and development testing as well as defective products management, which contributes to sustainable competitive advantage for Rakinda.
Regulated procedures, advanced equipment and hard-working staff are the key to keeping our manufacturing and production system competitive. These factors ensure that all parts of the production process are under stringent control, maintaining high product quality and effective cost control ensuring that our products achieve the best performance to price ratio, thereby providing our OEM/ODM customers with the most competitive product for their investment.


Shenzhen Rakinda Technology Development Co., Ltd. factory production line 0



We have advanced equipment for R&D and mass production, including environmental, mechanical, electrical and safety testing etc., We have professional facilities including radiation anechoic chamber, automatic scanning DOF and speed testing, optical lens testing etc.
There is/are Above 30 People R&D Engineer(s) in the company.