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The Self-service Terminal Embedding QR Code Scanner Module

September 1, 2021

RD4300 is a thin embedded barcode recognition engine, which adopts CMOS image technology and new world intelligent image recognition technology with international advanced level. It can easily read the barcode on paper, magnetic card and others, and has strong recognition performance. It can be easily embedded in a variety of OEM products (including handheld, portable and fixed barcode collectors, etc.). At the same time, RD4300 provides users with rich secondary development functions, including fully open image acquisition interface, original data interface and I / O operation interface. Users can easily solve their personalized needs by using the SDK provided by Rakinda. In terms of performance, RD4300 has made special technical verification for screen barcode recognition, which can adapt to large amount of screen barcode with low brightness and all kinds of film. With excellent barcode recognition performance and good embeddedness, it is easy to be embedded and integrated into bus POS machine, VTM cabinet, e-commerce self-service cabinet, smart home storage cabinet, ATM self-service cabinet, self-service query terminal,it can be used as a QR code reader component in the scene of queuing and calling equipment.

Product features of RD4300 embedded QR code scanner module:

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( 1) Core Technology
The sixth generation core decoding technology developed by ourselves can quickly read all kinds of barcodes.

( 2) Rich Interfaces
USB and TTL-232 interface are provided to meet more interface requirements.

( 3) Excellent screen reading performance
Special technical verification is made for screen barcode reading, which can adapt to large amount of screen barcode with low brightness and all kinds of film.

( 4) Green low power consumption
Adopt independent core technology, greatly reduce the operation power consumption, extend the service life of the equipment.

RD4300 has excellent performance in the traditional self-service terminal transformation and public transport industry. It can provide strong "QR code scanning" function for terminal machines, and now it has been widely used in various projects. As an indispensable code scanning component in self-service equipment, the QR code reader engine, so if you want to choose an appropriate 1D&2D barcode scanner module, RD4300 can be start.

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Shenzhen Rakinda is dedicated to the QR code scanner module and barcode automatic identification industry. It has 20 years of experience in the industry of Internet of things automatic identification and good reputation. It has QR code scanner module, barcode reader engine, QR code recognition engine, QR code reading module, QR code scanning module and embedded QR code scanners such as QR code recognition module have high quality and high cost performance, so as to ensure the best quality and best experience products for users. QR code module can quickly read the information of reflective barcode, paper code and screen QR code, which meets the various use requirements in different application situations, provides strong code scanning performance for system integrator, and helps integrate its QR code scanning scheme into traditional terminal equipment. If you have the requirement, please contact Rakinda, we have the guarantee in technology and after-sales service, and can develop a QR code module product solution that meets the actual application requirements of customers.