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Use a QR code scanner on the bus for payment

March 24, 2022

WeChat travel code is WeChat can be sold off-line to pay for 2D code, can be obtained remote authentication, response response speed of 0.3 seconds, and no recharge, trip cancellation, fare also supports real and powerless Part of chest, so that passengers can "ride first, after paying."


Today, WeChat pay for the official announcement, the car code has been in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Zhumadian, Foshan, Hefei, Shenzhen, Zibo and 11 other cities on the line, the city public transport can be used to board the bus ride.

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It is understood that car regulations are WeChat traffic solutions with proposed suggestions and a new search method, WeChat through a "small + card + card + WeChat payment" package and many other capabilities, to make public traffic more convenient. It is reported that the principle of improved vehicle in travel efficiency and experience is significantly improved. The user through a small program to find the required location to run the page unlock code, authorized binding can be deleted after a successful trip, reusing when the car code can be automatically through using the WeChat car card card.


Improving car code programming, innovative use of dual-dimensional code, even on the surface of mobile phones and devices is not a token case, you can easily finish a credit card, unlock the code to stop in less than 0.3 seconds. In addition, the car code without recharge, cancellation of code travel, fare also supports real and timely payment, you can "first trip, after payment." It reports that in the future, the vehicle regulation will continue with public transport groups, service assistants, as a comprehensive partnership, are expected to launch more intelligent travel solutions.

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