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Rakinda Scanning 3mm size DM Barcode Stationary Industrial Scanner

June 14, 2022

Recently, due to the Russian and Ukraine’s war, many countries have imposed economic sanctions on Russia, which has a very bad effect to Russia and many European countries. Under this situation, most of Russian clients will consider to import the goods from China. As we known, In Russia, Datamatix barcode is very popular to use than common QR, so you can consider our latest new product RK65, which is very suitable for Datamatrix barcode scanning, even very small size like 2mm-1CM, I attached a pic also. And RK65 is very suitable for scanning moving barcode in assembly line. If you need to scan multiple barcode at same time, we have suitable model for recommendation.

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In the next, will introduce RK65 scanner further about the features:

RK65 barcode scanner is IP65 rated, so can be Dust proof and waterproof.

RK65 support USB or RS232 port and Ethernet port directly, and can choose the I/O Control box also, so multiple choice for you. With I/0 extensible interfaces, the scanner can realize 1 way out photoelectric coupled isolate input (NPN / PNP /relay) and two ways out photoelectric coupled isolate output (Good ; NG). It can control the external device. For production line use, the external trigger function is used mainly, and If the scanner does not scan the barcode, it will trigger the alarm light to remind for further action.

Furthermore, RK65 industrial DM scanner support Smart Illumination System:
Armed with smart illumination adjusting function, it can meet all general environment as well as production line demand scanning environment, such as different materials (refection for example), shape (curved surface), background and code color.

So if you have any project to scan DM barcode or for production line, you can leave your email or whatsapp or skype here, we will follow further and send you datasheet, test video.

latest company news about Rakinda Scanning 3mm size DM Barcode Stationary Industrial Scanner  1

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