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Rakinda Barcode Scanner Technology Leads a New Era

August 7, 2018

Automatic barcode identification technology has now become an important part of information technology. It has been widely used in all aspects of logistics, warehousing, supermarkets, department stores, transportation, industrial production and manufacturing, and even in life, and has derived a series of two-dimensional bar code scanners. Compared with the one-dimensional code scanner, the function of the 2D barcode scanner is much faster, more accurate and more widely used. Today, Shenzhen Rakinda gives you details about the QR code scanners that are common in daily life.


LV3096 barcode scanner series
Adopting intelligent pattern recognition technology, we have created a new era of image-based 2D barcode reading engine, which integrates advanced image recognition algorithms with chip design and manufacturing technology. It sets an excellent benchmark for the automatic identification industry with its high performance, high reliability and low power consumption. It has the following features.
1. Excellent decoding chip.
2. Integrated design: The integrated design of the decoder board and the camera head minimizes its size, which makes it easy to carry out secondary development no matter what equipment is embedded in.
3. Rich interface, like USB and TTL232 interface to meet the needs of more interfaces.
4. Green low power consumption.
5. LCD, mobile barcode recognition.
It is often embedded into mobile phone, tablet, security device, advertising player, pos, handheld terminal, medical equipment and so on.


LV4500 QR Code Scanner series
It is built in high-performance processing chip, with high-speed decoding (280 times / sec) and high-precision identification capabilities. It will instantly read a 2D barcode when detecting it. There was no need to worry about unrecognized situations. The large-view window helps to fast reading codes all directions without aligning the barcodes. All one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes, including popular WeChat payment codes and Alipay two-dimensional codes, are all supported. It can be embedded in self-service terminals, smart devices, access control device, bus payment machine, etc.


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