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PDA Data Collector for Book Management Application

February 27, 2019

With the advancement of society, the book distribution and sales market is getting bigger, the scale is rapidly increasing, and the management difficulty of books is also increasing in the distribution and sales links. Without modern tools, it is difficult to achieve book management efficient and accurate, transportation, warehousing and sales management.


We can use the bar code on the current book, combined with the barcode data collector and computer, to effectively improve the efficiency of all aspects of book management, and make it automated and orderly. As a bar code reader collector for book inventory, its function can be designed according to actual needs to ensure its convenience, flexibility and versatility in the actual operation process.


"Data collection" is the process of reading a book barcode using an inventory machine. After reading the book barcode, the book needs to be entered in a corresponding amount, and the result is stored in the text data format in the memory of the inventory machine.


Currently there is an uniquely barcode that identifies the book on all. The bookstore relies on this unique identifier to realize the import, sale and storage management of books. For example, in the book sales process, the salesperson does not query the book price by the book name, but searches the database by reading the barcode number of the book to obtain the book price.


Similarly, in the process of inventory, the retrieval of the book also needs to be queried by the barcode, and the content of the inventory also needs to correspond to the barcode of the book. In addition, the counted data must be stored in the corresponding database and generate an inventory report.


Rakinda is a leading professional industrial PDA (industrial handheld terminal) R&D and manufacturing company. It relies on a handheld terminal developed by the national ASIC system engineering technology research center, and integrates PDAs, data terminals, barcode scanners. All-in-one support for data acquisition in 1D 2D barcode scanning, NFC reading, and RFID radio frequency identification. IP67 high industrial protection grade, widely used in logistics and express delivery, manufacturing, public utilities, retail, pharmaceutical, animal husbandry and other industries.