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LV3296 2D QR Barcode Scanner Module Embedded in Handheld Scanner Gun

November 6, 2018

The people who have been exposed to the scanning code device believe that they are familiar with bar code scanners. They are basically used in the bar code payment industry, but the application of bar code scanning is not limited to this. At a higher level, its work mainly relies on the bar code reading engine embedded in the scanner, namely the QR code scanning module. The type of bar code reading engine embedded in the barcode scanner determines its use and application industry. Therefore, the selection of the QR code reading engine for different application fields is different for scanner manufacturers. A common feature is that the volume inside the scanner itself is limited, and the QR code scanning head must be small and easy to embed.


LV3296 2D scanner module uses CMOS image decoding technology, with high performance, easy to scan 1d/2d bar code; integrated design, ideal for embedded all kinds of handheld terminal equipment, such as scanning guns, PDA, smart flat and so on. LV3296 2D scanner module bar code reading engine, LV3096 is an upgraded version. The module uses excellent decoding technology, can quickly read all kinds of quality bar code which provide USB, TTL232 and TTL232 interface to meet the needs of more interfaces; decoder board and camera integrated design, the volume reduced to the extreme to meet the needs of all kinds of very small industrial handheld terminal applications.


RAKINDA is a company committed to the development up to barcode scanner technology at the core of the automatic identification system integration organizations, enjoyed several years of industry experience and excellent reputation, in Shenzhen and Hong Kong branches, and has a very skillful, experienced, innovative R & D and after-sales technical support service team.


Rakinda Group, the manufacturer of barcode scanner module, was established in 2000. We have offices in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hongkong, Xiamen, Suzhou and Beijing. And we have been supplying the barcode scanner module for Walmart, Carrefour and Foxconn etc. Any questions do not hesitate contact me as below.