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Although QR Code is Convenient, It Should be Scanned Carefully

January 14, 2019

Nowadays, there are more and more qr code scanner module, Vending, access control,logistics,and scanning payment. And there are more and more poisonous qr codes.Websites that generate qr codes online do not do any security monitoring, and hackers can easily create a qr code that contains either a suspend site or a phishing site. How to deal with such traps?


Do not scan a qr code unless you know its purpose clearly.· when scanning the qr code, you should carefully read all the words on the page of scan results and confirm that the website of the page is normal. regular apps will not allow users to download things automatically after scanning the qr code. Once the above situation occurs, it can be directly judged as a virus program, and the download content should be deleted immediately. professional mobile phone security software is installed, which has the function of security code scanning and can automatically verify the results when users scan the qr code.


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