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2D Scanner Module Applied In Mobile Payment

September 14, 2018

Under the turbulent mobile Internet wave, the consumption habits of the masses gradually migrated to the mobile side. With superior innovation and market development capabilities, Alipay successfully uses barcodes to connect consumers and merchants' mobile payment interfaces, making the entire payment process more convenient and flexible. According to statistics, the number of real-name users of Alipay is nearly 300 million, and the data for fast payment users has exceeded 250 million. Faced with the huge mobile payment market, Shenzhen rakinda has specially responded to the characteristics of mobile barcode payment, and quickly responded to the market launch of LV3296 barcode scanner module to realize the solution of barcode payment.


In the retailer super industry, by integrating the LV3296 handheld device, the cashier scans the product barcode into the order, and after the cashier system settles, scans the payment code on the user's mobile phone to complete the payment. The operation process is as follows:


1. Cashier equipment upgrade:
At present, most of the retailers' super-merity merchant cashier ports use one-dimensional commodity barcode collection equipment, which cannot complete barcode payment. For retailers who want to add a quick cashier channel, the editor recommends that the cashier be equipped with a 2d scanner. The device integrates the LV3296 module and can quickly scan 1D/2D barcodes via serial/USB connection.


2. Consumer payment process:
When the consumer pays, he only needs to open the Alipay wallet, select the “Barcode Payment” function to complete the payment, and the mobile phone receives the SMS to remind the consumption amount.


Compared with the traditional payment method, the bar code payment is simple and fast. The whole process does not require any cash change or card swipe operation. Only one smart phone is needed, and the user can complete the payment even if there is no penny. For many retailers, the technology of scanning bar code payment is simple and convenient, and the system construction cost is low, which can meet the needs of different customers to the greatest extent and greatly improve the service quality.


For models that need to be embedded in the device, the customer can select the applicable scanning module. The LV3296 two-dimensional influential barcode scan engine has the following features:

1) Very small size, easy to embed handheld devices such as mobile phones, tablets, PDAs, scanners, etc.;

2) Excellent decoding performance, easy to solve the problem of LCD and mobile phone barcode recognition;

3) High performance and low power consumption, extending equipment life and working time.
At present, LV3296 has been widely used in retail, supermarkets, convenience stores, chain stores, specialty stores and so on.


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