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Why terminal manufacturers favor embedded wide-angle scanning barcode modules

January 5, 2022

In the field of barcode reading application, if the cabinet/self-service terminal device needs to efficiently integrate the two-dimensional scanning module solution, the application of the embedded scanning module must be indispensable. This is because the automatic identification technology combined with the two-dimensional code decoding chip technology High-efficiency blessing can easily realize the intelligentization of terminal applications and the efficient operation of terminal equipment, greatly reducing operation and maintenance costs, and optimizing customer experience.

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In the payment terminal series of applications, no matter what the scenario is vending machines, self-service retail terminals, medical self-service kiosks, self-service payment equipment and other collection applications, it is not difficult to find such smart scanning code devices. The wide-angle close-type reading design, as well as excellent decoding and sensing capabilities, can quickly scan one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes on mobile phone screens, and easily read Alipay/WeChat payment QR codes and UnionPay payment QR codes. In all kinds of self-service cabinet machine applications, whether it is express cabinets, storage cabinets, access cabinets, it is necessary to complete the scanning process independently through the built-in scanning code module, combined with data transmission and application, can quickly scan paper and screen Bar code and identification information. This series of applications can find that the future of the intelligent industry is actually closely related to the application of 1D/2D barcode reading, and the wide application of QR code scanning modules has become inevitable.

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For system integrators and application software providers, what are the purchasing standards for this type of QR code scanning module that is embedded in the cabinet/self-service terminal equipment application? Scan both the paper code and the screen code at the same time? Cost-effective? Lightweight and easy to install? Can read codes stably in harsh outdoor environments?


As an important solution provider for barcode scanning and identification equipment, Shenzhen RAKINDA provides a series of dedicated embedded wide-angle scanning modules, QR code scanning modules, QR code scanning equipment and technical services for self-service kiosks with powerful scanning performance. Whether it is a poorly printed, stained paper barcode, or an electronic barcode on a dim mobile phone display, it can be easily scanned. Exquisite and compact structure is easy to install and supports secondary development. The scanning window uses a large viewing angle sensor, which can meet multi-angle reading. It supports USB, TTL-232 and RS232 serial ports, and can be easily integrated into the most popular devices nowadays. It has become an ideal fixed scanning solution for self-service kiosks and self-service terminals. If you are interested in barcode scanner for such applications, welcome to inquire and negotiate!