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Tobacco Distribution Management Solution-PDA S5

January 3, 2019

First, customer needs and challenges:
The traditional mode of manual operation is still adopted by the distribution server of the national tobacco industry, which has high error rate, poor timeliness, and low safety during transportation. In addition, due to the uncontrollable nature of the signing, the distribution service quality is poor and the distribution efficiency is low and so on series of problems. With the development of information technology, smart handheld terminals have been widely used in various industries to improve the efficiency of logistics operations throughout the supply chain and enhance the effectiveness. At present, the informationization construction of the tobacco industry is still in its infancy. To realize the changes of tobacco logistics from the traditional to the modern, whether it is hardware or software needs to be upgraded.


Second, the program overview:
Based on the general demand of China Tobacco for safety and information distribution, Rakinda has developed a PDA -based tobacco delivery system solution, which is mainly used for distribution and collection management of tobacco industry, improving the quality of distribution services of tobacco companies, and at the same times, achieve the purpose of monitor tobacco and enhance safety during tobacco transportation through the data transmission and telephone alarm functions of PDA.


Third, PDA application:
Data download: First, the administrator imputs the administrator password to log in to the PDA to set the system basic parameters, including automatic data upload settings, alarm call settings, Bluetooth weighing settings, alarm phone addition, continuous scan function settings, and turn on Bluetooth weighing settings and so on. The basic data such as order information, delivery personnel, and vehicle information are downloaded through the handheld PDA, and the data update operation is performed.


Start delivery: The dispatcher enters the account number and password to log in to the PDA. Click “Start Task” to enter the task download interface. The PDA displays all the customer orders of the car on the same day including the delivery order, customer name, business address, quantity, number of items, amount, Customer code and other related information. After the dispatcher clicks the download, it also sends a text message to the customer in the top 10 (can be set) of the delivery order, indicating that the delivery is in progress.

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Signing management: After arriving at the delivery customer address, the dispatcher will export the customer order details through the PDA to match the customer confirmation and the actual goods, and then enter the signing interface, let the customer fill in the delivery customer satisfaction, customer opinions, and take photos (prove the sent Da), finally RFID (one in each store, the card records the customer's unique code) card to the PDA barcode scanner, click on the card to sign, complete the entire delivery process, and send a text message to the next delivery order, the prompt is On the way to delivery.
Safety alarm: Tobacco is a valuable item. There are safety hazards in the transportation process. In the process of bulk distribution, there may be accidents of being robbed or stolen. At this time, the dispatcher can dial the PDA security alarm quickly. The first time the alarm is handled.


Rakinda PDA S5 will a good choice for this application. S5 as a 4G all Netcom industry terminals can meet the industry market demand for composite. A single full support for telecommunications, China Unicom, mobile 2G / 3G / 4G network, the hardware no need to change with 3.5-inch mainstream high-definition screen and multi-touch capacitive screen, perfect image can support the needs of different users and support 1d &2d barcode scanning, accurate collection of various types of bar code data; support NFC function to meet the mobile payment security applications; reserved extended function to meet the needs of different industries.