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The Small Size Scanner LV2097 Can Be Easily Embedded in a Pos Machine

October 14, 2021

With the emergence of QR code reading applications and mini-barcode scanning modules, it is easier than ever to embed integrated barcode scanning functions in handheld devices. In recent years, many OEM manufacturers have custom-developed handheld devices to meet industry applications that can handle a series of issues such as data collection and barcode recognition in most businesses, and they have to purchase a core identification component used in the field of automatic identification. —2D barcode scanner engine, to meet the increasingly common bar code reading needs in the fields of electronic vouchers, mobile marketing, office automation and so on.

However, in practical applications, it is very laborious to integrate the QR code scanning head scanning module in a limited space. If the optional scanning module is difficult to embed, the handheld device needs to be modified.

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The LV2097 embedded QR code scanning head independently developed by RAKINDA can accurately and quickly identify various quality barcodes, including high-density one-dimensional barcodes, screen two-dimensional barcodes, low-quality barcodes and high-reflective display. LV2097 can easily read the barcodes on the screen (such as mobile phone QR codes). The compact design size and weight are very suitable for OEM applications with limited scanning integration space in handheld and fixed devices, and there is no need to worry about not being able to be installed and embedded in handheld devices with limited space. Next, Shenzhen Rakinda will introduce its advantages to everyone:

1. The smallest size: the world's smallest 2D OEM barcode reading engine, which is beyond imagination and can be easily embedded in various thin and light devices;
2. Unique decoding technology: The sixth-generation uIMG core decoding technology independently researched and developed can be used to quickly read barcodes of various qualities;
3. High-performance scanning technology: supports a variety of high-density, broken, long barcode scanning, and supports computer, mobile phone, tablet and other screen QR code scanning;
4. Rich interfaces: provide USB and TTL-232 interfaces to meet more interface requirements;
5. High integration: the integrated design of the decoder board and the camera reduces the size to the extreme, which can meet the needs of various extremely miniaturized applications;
6. Green and low power consumption: The use of independent NLDC core technology greatly reduces operating power consumption and prolongs the service life of the equipment.

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Shenzhen Rakinda focuses on the design and development of barcode scanning equipment such as barcode scanning module, barcode reading engine, micro barcode scanning module, hard solution 2D scanning module, QR code reading module, QR code scanning head, etc., with more than 20 years of experience Networked automatic identification industry experience and good reputation, always adhering to the business philosophy of "customer first, reputation first, efficiency first, service first", aiming to provide customers with the best products and services in the barcode scanning industry.