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The QR code scanning module is used for the self-service equipment of the Internet of Things

December 29, 2021

With the deepening of informatization, the demand for informatization of IoT self-service equipment manufacturers is increasing. Many companies need to use embedded QR code recognition devices to meet their own bar code scanning and reading and data collection needs. The QR code recognition module brings efficient, reliable, and convenient automatic barcode recognition and data transmission performance to the traditional self-service equipment industry, doubling the efficiency of service operations, which promotes its more important role in the industry. However, as more and more 2D barcode module manufacturers and companies sprung up, the market has become complex and diversified. How to choose a suitable QR code scanning module has become a topic of concern to many self-service equipment manufacturers and corporate purchasing departments.

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Shenzhen Rakinda is committed to highly reliable and innovative QR code recognition module products. It has a professional R&D technology and after-sales service team. It has accumulated more than 20 years of experience and strength in the bar code automatic recognition industry in R&D and projects. A large number of QR code scanning module application solutions are shown on the market, Rakinda has become a trusted leading brand in the global QR code module market! An embedded two-dimensional code recognition module for the 2d code service of the Internet of Things self-service equipment—RD4500 series two-dimensional code module is especially recommended here.

RD4500 series QR code scanning module is an auto-sensing built-in QR code scanner independently developed and produced by RAKINDA. It is actually the best choice among many brands and models. According to reports, the RD4500 adopts a self-developed intelligent core decoding technology, which can easily read the barcode information on the mobile phone screen and paper documents, including the reading of all international standard one-dimensional barcodes and mainstream two-dimensional barcodes. The scanning performance is up to International advanced level. Embedded metal shell design, tailor-made for all kinds of self-service equipment; the performance of the scanning head is very powerful, and it can even easily read QR codes on mobile phone screens with different contrasts, colors and degrees of reflection, which is very good advantage in the same type of products . Modular design of core functions, high-speed scanning of large viewing window, and USB and RS232 interface options are provided to facilitate the installation of various integrated applications.

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As a professional IoT hardware integration organization, RAKINDA has been deeply involved in the automatic identification industry for more than 20 years. With three core technologies of barcode recognition, face recognition and radio frequency identification (RFID), it is committed to supplying corporate customers with scanners and barcodes Printer, two-dimensional code recognition module (scanning head/bar code scanning module/two-dimensional code scanning module), face recognition access control attendance + body temperature detection solution, handheld data acquisition terminal (PDA), industrial fixed scanner (fixed bar code) Scanners/industrial vision systems), unmanned supermarkets, label ribbons, UHF RFID and other series of products and industry application solutions. Relying on core decoding technology and precision quality, Rakinda has a series of QR code scanning recognition products that are popular among domestic and foreign industry insiders and are widely used in various industries and various scenarios. At present, we have cooperated with many domestic and foreign access control security integration manufacturers, Handheld devices and self-service equipment manufacturers and have reached a friendly cooperative relationship. If you are interested in such applications, please contact us!