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The Prospect of RD4100 Barcode Scanner

July 4, 2018

When we go to a hotel or a restaurant to check out, traditionally, invoicing is often cumbersome and time-consuming. And this is the reason why businesses cashier slow. But it doesn't matter, there is a lightning ticket deity in our company——The prospect of RD4100 barcode scanner. From the payment to the print invoice, the fastest time is only 5 seconds.


How is it achieved?
For example, If you go to a hotel and need to print the special VAT invoice, Just click on the official WeChat public account of the hotel. The "ticket opening two-dimensional code" can be generated by the input of the ticket information by itself, and then "brush" on the RD4100 scanning terminal. The whole process is convenient and quick and simplifies the process of invoicing. It greatly saves the time of invoicing and greatly improves the efficiency of receiving money.

Main Features about the prospect of RD4100 barcode scanner: bar code data capture
2.printed bar code data capture
3.swift scanning
4.easy to use
5.on-screen scan
6.rapid induction precision scanning for large windows
7.strong performance low power consumption


And the last but not least, it can support Alipay and wechat pay. It's very convenient to use.
The prospect of RD4100 barcode scanner module is specially designed for invoicing. The scanner uses the advanced image algorithm, the chip design and the manufacturing process perfect fusion, carrying the international first-class two-dimensional code reading engine, can quickly read the minimum brightness and all kinds of sticker large amount of data screen barcode. Due to its excellent decoding performance, RD4100 barcode scanner is widely used in the field of business transformation, the increase of lightning booking, mobile payment, conference two-dimensional code check-in and other fields. If you have needs in this area, please contact us as soon as possible.

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