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The new version of the Self service store is waiting for you

May 21, 2018

Self-service store, just as its name implies, customers can complete the whole shopping process by themselves, shopping, self-checkout, and don’t have to wait in line. At present, many people are still unfamiliar with the Self-service supermarket because it is not popular, but in this artificial intelligence technology, age, it is necessary to know that.


Some people are really puzzled, what is the specific solution to the Self-service supermarket?

The entity store with intelligence shopping is one of the biggest selling points, people don’t need to wait in line compared to traditional supermarket. Customers just need to complete a payment through WeChat or Alipay by scanning 2D code in the scanning window, a small ticket will be printed and the gate will open after the payment.

 Self-service supermarket

What does the arrival of the Self-service supermarket bring to us?
1. Changes in the way of shopping: Self-service supermarkets give customers more fresh feeling thus attract more potential customers, to a certain extent, to stimulate local consumption.
2. Changes in profitability: A small supermarket usually has a low turnover, and the salesman is expensive and uneconomical to hire.
3. More flexible and efficient way: 24h business, no time limit.


Another problem appears—Is there any difference between the new version and the previous one?
The salient feature of the new version is supporting face recognition, beyond any doubt, this is an promotion of the anti-theft system. Whether it ’s for businesses or customers, all can improve security and reliability.

 Self-service supermarket

Rakinda’s main idea is to put the customer experience in the first place. Our company's Self-service supermarket solution has already operated in several cities and the previous version has already matured. If you want to know more mysteries of the Self-service supermarket, experience the new version RAKINDA 2.0 is absolutely the best choice.