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RD300 Bus Payment Terminal

June 7, 2018

RD300 bus payment terminal comes into being with the trend of mobile payment. It successfully refreshes the bus charging system model again. In the past, there were ticket sellers charging fees. This model did not only spend more manpower costs, but also faced the problem of counterfeit banknotes and change. Later, the introduction of self-service ticket machines and the mode of brushing IC cards saved labor costs; now, Alipay and WeChat payment have been well received by the general public. Most people are too lazy to go out with their wallets. In this case, Rakinda took the lead to inspect the market and seize the opportunity to develop a new two-dimensional code/IC card integrated charging terminal.


This devices can scan 2D code, printed or screen code, IC card and UnionPay quickly. Passengers can use "WeChat, Alipay" and other 2d code payment , in addition to 2d code payment, both credit card payment and other payment methods. Not only can help customers solve the exchange change and forget the trouble with the card; and with the amount of statistics, passenger payment time statistics and other functions that allow customers to pay for information at a glance to help bus companies reduce the cash flow of the inventory workload and the bank charges to reduce the loss with the residual coins, counterfeit money.


RD300 charging terminal cannot only be applied into transport system such as buses and subways, but also in parks or other scenic spots for ticketing . For example, some of the bus routes in Shenzhen have begun to adopt this charging system, which has greatly facilitated the public. At the same time, it help to saving a lot of time and effort for the public transport system. Beijing's tourist attractions Water Cube and Bird's Nest also use the RD300 integrated ticketing system.


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