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RD009 smart access control reader Connects to the Internet?

May 31, 2022

Internet access control uses a QR code as the medium and carrier for personnel identification. The system configures permissions for each user’s WeChat account. The user can open the corresponding door lock by scanning the QR code on the access control device, and use mobile at the same time. The technology of the Internet realizes the technology of dialing to open the door. As well as the external expansion, more and more abundant shake APPs are used to open the door interactively. Rich access control interaction methods, and the use of virtual QR codes instead of traditional physical access control cards, safe and environmentally friendly, and easy to use.

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Case 1: Shared Gym.
People who need to exercise can enter the gym by scanning the code. After exercising, they can leave the shared gym directly. The software will automatically deduct the fee. It is very convenient to use. It reduces the complicated human resources for businesses and provides customers with good Open door experience.

latest company news about RD009 smart access control reader Connects to the Internet?  1

Case 2: Shared meeting room in an office building.
After the QR code access control is docked with the software, after installation, those who need to use the conference room can submit the appointment information on the software. After the time is up, they can open the QR code on the software and scan the code to open the door. If this QR code Failure to scan the code to open the door within the specified time will be effective. After scanning the code to enter the meeting room, the software can deduct fees according to the time of use.

Therefore, it will be widely used in the future. Whether it is in shopping malls or office buildings, communities, apartments, hotels, construction sites and other places, you can see more and more QR code access control reader.

Rainda RD009 is a hot sale QR code access control reader, with Mifare RFID card reader, TFT display, TCP/IP and optional 4G. It’s widely used for door opening in office buildings, school entrance, and even turnstile gate. It can be expanded and installed with Bluetooth module, LORA module, RS232/RS485 module functions, making the product application network communication more flexible. With built-in hardware anti-crash watchdog, even if the chip is running abnormally, it can be recovered in time without affecting the use.