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Rakinda S7plus PDA 2D bar code scanner for stores

August 21, 2019

Today's chain stores are an increasingly competitive industry, so how to manage stores and save more costs becomes more and more important in the company, usually they will consider how to manage product sales and sales related member management and how to manage receiving management. Order management, return management and product management.PDA handheld terminal is mainly used as a tool for data collection and data exchange in chain store management. By reading bar code information, information transmission and feedback are performed in the foreground and background databases.


Application can be divided into two parts, first, logistics support applications warehouse side, purchase, inventory management, the main purpose is to improve the efficiency of incoming goods acceptance and the correct inventory visibility; Second, the customer service application storefront, Customer service and sales, the purpose is to improve customer relationship management quickly check product history, anti-theft and promotion efficiency and so on.


Specific effects include:
1) chain store sales and order digital remote management
2) The headquarters can grasp the sales / order data of the chain stores in real time
3) dynamic understanding of the sales frontier chain, easy to make decisions
4) chain stores to achieve membership management and staff management


Shenzhen Rakinda has S7plus 2D barcode scanner PDA which is excellent for using Chain stores managerment , Barcode Scanner can use in the harsh working environment, and it have the high battery capacity, it will not any problem to work all day long.Shenzhen Rakinda as one of the leading suppliers in ioT ,oriented by clients demand is devoted to the development and innovation of intelligent firmware products and enjoys rich experience and resources in ioT and big data area ,is a company committed to the development up to bar code technology at the core of the automatic identification system integration organizations, enjoyed several years of industry experience and excellent reputation, in Shenzhen and Hong Kong branches, and has a very skillful, experienced, innovative R & D and after-sales technical support service team. Rakinda Group, the manufacturer of barcode scanner module, was established in 2000. We have offices in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hongkong, Xiamen, Suzhou and Beijing. And we have been supplying the barcode scanner module for Walmart, Carrefour and Foxconn etc.if you are interested in bar code scanner , do not hesitate contact Rakinda



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