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Rakinda PDA To Realize Warehouse Management

November 12, 2018

Compared with the traditional warehouse management, it does not only realize the basic functions of inventory management such as normal storage, but also guide and regulate the operation and process in the warehouse through barcode scanning of PDA handheld devices. It automatically records relevant data and improves accuracy and speed of operation to increase the efficiency, transparency and authenticity of warehouse management and reduce the cost of warehouse management, thereby improving the productivity and logistics efficiency. It can achieve basic information management, which maintains the basic information of the system operation (material information, supplier information, warehouse information, position information, roadway information, supply factor, etc.) to provide basic conditions for the operation of the system.


The material warehousing business is carried out through the PDA. The warehousing process can be based on the temporary receipt quantity, and the quantity of the warehousing can be adjusted. After the adjustment, the system automatically records. The material is temporarily collected through the PDA, and the material can be exchanged during the temporary collection process. After the business is completed in the PDA, the system automatically records the data and sends the task for the next service node, and updates the material inventory. The warehousing business includes: purchasing and warehousing, gift warehousing, self-made warehousing, and external warehousing.


After the material is removed from the rack, the warehouse needs to be confirmed. The materials after confirmation are delivered to the assembly shop for handover confirmation. The above confirmation operations are performed in real time on the PDA or PC. After the confirmation, the system will confirm the information and record instantly. The outbound processing business includes picking and unloading, scrapping out of stock, selling out of stock, adding out of stock, and returning to the business.


The material inventory includes random open inventory, random dark inventory, and planned inventory. The planner generates the inventory plan, and the custodian or other users complete the inventory operation through the PDA. The inventory record is automatically generated by the system. Through the PDA, the inventory information is submitted to the monitoring department for the first time to avoid the occurrence of tampering. At the same time, PDA inventory is used to support non-stop inventory and real-time inventory.


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