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Rakinda 2D Barcode Warehouse Scanner PDA Using for Warehouse Management

January 7, 2019

The mobile data collector is also called PDA scanner which is a common warehouse management device. With the continuous development of information technology, especially the application of information networks, the processing of warehouse information is more and more complex, the amount of information data is getting larger and larger, and the source distribution is more and more extensive. If data is still collected manually, it will greatly increase the information collector and information input personnel, reducing the accuracy of information and the efficiency of information system execution.

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Benefits of enterprise warehouse management using mobile data collectors Improve work efficiency The application of bar code technology in warehouse management realizes automatic data collection, eliminates the steps of handwriting documents, and inputs into the machine room, which greatly improves work efficiency.


Reduce work intensity which converting the large amount of paper text information required for a document into electronic data simplifies the future of the query process. The staff no longer needs to manually search for various registers and documents, just enter the query conditions and the computer will complete in a short time. Check the required records and display the content on the screen, which greatly speeds up the query. Improve the speed and accuracy of production statistics and reduce the difficulty of the work of summary statisticians.

Manual inventory and data collector inventory comparison Manual document information is not accurate - high precision of the inventory machine.Manual input often produces transcription errors and input errors, resulting in a large amount of invalid labor and repetitive work, resulting in inaccurate inventory information, allowing the company to take on additional inventory.

The above is the advantage of using the mobile data collector for enterprise warehouse management. Data collectors on the market are also known as inventory machines, handheld terminal devices, warehouse scanners, and the like.

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Shenzhen Rakinda can provide S2plus 2d barcode scanner PDA with high quality IP68 Industrial PDA Android Handheld Qr Code 2D barcode scanner android. Also it can use in the harsh working environment, and it have the high battery capacity , it have the 5200AMH battery , it will not any problem to work all day long.


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