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Portable Handheld Intelligent Products in RAKINDA——PDA

May 16, 2018

With the drastic increasing and popularization of IOT technology, Managing products by manpower in manufacturing sector, chain store, medical industry ,warehousing, logistics, book management and other industries can no longer be applied to the development of market. Accordingly, there is an urgent need for mobile data collection system. Portable data collector gradually become an indispensable equipment in such area.

Our company’s PDA productsis using barcode as a means of data collection.In short, it has functions of both palm computer and barcode scanner.Contribute to provide employees with better technology to upgrade operational visibility.


There is a widespread distribution of our products in foreign countries, mainly exported to the United States, Australia, Brazil and other countries.

The United States
We all know that the United States has the competitive edge in microelectronics, circuit design, and production. Thus many American clients expressed their interest in our product S2 plus PDA.
It used to support Android 5.1 system, now can support Android 7.0 system. The standard configuration is NFC function and the battery capacity is 5200mAh. What's more, it can support Wireless communications and protection grade is IP68. As a portable data collection product, it is inevitable to drop accidentally. Don’t worry, it can endure a fall of 1.5m.

The wholesale stores in the United States also deserve to be mentioned. For instance, Costco, a warehouse wholesale store, has the largest selling chain in the world. At present, Costco operates more than 581 stores worldwide, distributing in 8 countries. Beyond all doubt, It needs a good warehouse intelligent management system.

Another country, Australia, has an extremely famous post-company .In the past few years, Australian Post enjoy the highest prestige over the whole country. Its core businesses include letters, Parcels and logistics distribution, and retailing. So they introduced new equipment which can be able to read bar code to simplify the inventory management.


The above confirmed almost every large industry involves warehousing management and logistics , that means efficient data processing terminal will play an important role. With our PDA barcode scanner, the operator can immediately reads the bar code on the goods , meanwhile, sends the data to the computer.

Our PDA can improve the productivity of your team and reduce the operation cost.Most importantly,ensure the reliable scanning performance of each time.
To choose us is to choose a more convenient way of working.