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Mobile QR Code Payment Machine for Parking Lot

April 15, 2019

Rakinda launched a new device for parking lot mobile payment, named RD5100 that can be installed into parking lot. Compared with other 2D QR barcode reader, RD5100 can read the code with longer distance, about 20-80cm according to your arms’ length and width of the car.


Customers can scan QR code in WeChat Payment to finish the self-service payment, which is more convenient for the users. The convenient WeChat Pay method shortens the user's waiting time. The single pass time is at least 20-25 seconds for cash payment. After using WeChat Pay, it can be completed within 5 seconds. For the toll collectors, WeChat pays no money, zeros, and avoids the risk of receiving counterfeit paper money.


At the same time, the relevant person, in charge of WeChat payment, said that the smart parking lot has already had many cooperations. And Rakinda launches a new parking lot payment devices, reading screen QR barcode quickly, its reading distance is about 20-80cm according to arm length and car width. And it has two interfaces, one is RS232 or USB, the other one is TCP/ IP.


Rakinda has rich experience and products in the field of barcode recognition solution. At present, the barcode scanning module is widely used in 2d code access control gates such as turnstiles, self-service ordering machines, and other self-service terminals like kiosk, vending machines. If have any interests, welcome to contact us freely.

Mobile QR 2d Code Payment Machine for Parking Lot


Mobile QR Code Payment Machine for Parking Lot