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Lottery Ticket Barcode Scanner App for Android

July 31, 2019

With the rapid expansion of the Chinese lottery industry in the market, the sales model of the self-service vending machine sold abroad has gradually entered domestic airports, stations, office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, banks, hotels, restaurants, cinema entertainment, etc. The 2D scanning module is embedded in the selling machine, and the self-service identification and data transmission performance is used to collect the self-service selling software, thereby realizing the self-service scan code to payment and the self-rewarding function of the code. It is understood that a number of lottery companies have launched self-service lottery machines.


The traditional artificial lottery mode is limited by region and time, and the site rent and labor costs are high, and the operating cost is high. System failure or network disconnection, high data loss rate, high maintenance difficulty.


lottery ticket barcode scanner app for android


Self-service selling machine embedded 2D scanning module, using its self-identification and data transmission performance, the collection of self-service color-selling software, in order to achieve the lottery self-service scan code payment and scan code self-rewarding function. It is understood that a number of lottery companies have launched self-service lottery machines. At present, there are many types of self-service lottery machines on the market, and the quality of embedded barcode scanning modules is uneven. Many of them will not be able to read the QR code, which directly affects the lottery experience. Mainly because most of the self-service vending machines are embedded with inferior barcode scanning modules, the sensitivity is too low, and the bar code information on the screen of the mobile phone cannot be read or the paper bar code information of the wrinkles cannot be read in the case of backlight or darkness of the screen.


At present, most of the popular self-service lottery machine scanning module in the market use the Rakinda RD4500R scanning module. Through the self-developed new generation program technology, it can quickly identify the screen code of the mobile phone, the film on the mobile phone screen, the low power of the mobile phone and the color barcode. Barcodes can be easily read.