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Intelligent Supermarket with the Phone Payment

July 31, 2018

It is so hungry; and the younger would like to enjoy some food in Mild-night. The younger like to enjoy the night life. Of course, there are some 24-hour stores, and the cashier also work for 24-hour to service people. How about the new idea of 24-hour store with the cashier?

Yes, Amazon Go Supermarket is great. And Rakinda also creates Intelligent Supermarket with the Phone Payment.


As for the hardware, the RFID label combined with the goods, the phone barcode scanner to read the qr code on phone to recognize the identification of users, and the phone barcode scanner to make payment by Wechat Pay, Alipay or the special designed App to make payment, price checking equipment with the RFID reader to read the label information checking the value of goods, and the RFID reader to check whether the goods have made the payment.


In China. Wechat Pay, Alipay is popular on the market. As for foreign market, this phone payment way is not strange. As for this situation, App designed for Intelligent Supermarket is perfect.

Firstly, the people loads the App, and then finish all of the information on App. Before stepping into the supermarket, open the App and then scan the qr code on the App, the door will be opened. After choosing the goods the user needed, put the goods in Price Checking Zone, the software will calculate the amount. The price, the amount and the value will be shown on the screen of price checking. At that moment, you open the payment bar code of App, scan it before the Rakinda RD4500R phone barcode reader. That is okay. Finally you will be in the zone of checking. There are RFID reader to check whether all of goods are payment. If the everything is great, the door will be opened, or you cannot get out from the supermarket.


Any interest in Rakinda Intelligent Supermarket without cashier, please kindly contact us.