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Industrial barcode scanners help production

December 6, 2021

Project background: A well-known domestic electronics manufacturing company uses Direct Parts Marking (DPM) to monitor and trace product quality during the production of professional electronic components and electronic components. Before the introduction of fixed barcode readers, the company used hand-held barcode scanners to read barcodes. The efficiency is low, the success rate of barcode reading is low, and labor is wasted. Each production line requires a dedicated person to scan barcodes. In order to improve production efficiency and productivity, managers hope to install one or more fixed industrial scanners on each production line to read 1D or 2D codes at different positions in all directions.


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In view of the characteristics of the production process, workstations, and components, generally speaking, the bar codes on electronic components and electronic components are small in size and high in density, and 2D QR bar codes are used more often, which means that their Bar code reading equipment has relatively high requirements, such as high-density reading performance, which can quickly and accurately read QR codes; it can be fixed on the conveyor line between each station or integrated in the equipment, requiring small size and easy installation Fixed and so on.


Solution: After understanding the real needs of customers, RAKINDA launched a high-quality fixed industrial barcode reader LV3000U plus, which can replace expensive industrial barcode scanners such as Cognex and Datalogics. Read accurate two-dimensional bar code, compact size, compact design, can be easily fixed on the production line or integrated in the device, optional USB or serial communication, support a variety of trigger methods, compared with other foreign brands of the same type of products It has a cost-effective advantage.

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Solution benefits: This application solution exceeds expectations for the company's trace ability and control of various assembly line products, replacing traditional manual code reading with a fixed scanner, improving automation, improving production efficiency, and saving labor costs.

After installing the LV3000U plus fixed high-speed scanner, it completely replaces the hand held barcode scanner, which greatly improves the efficiency and saves labor to the greatest extent. If the barcode is not read, an alarm will be issued, and the alarm time will be controlled by the program. Tell the corresponding personnel to solve the problem within an effective time, avoiding the trace ability of the product after the problem occurs, and the barcode reader does not require manual operation intervention, which greatly improves the company's economic benefits.