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Industrial 2D Barcode Scanner for Cashier Kiosk

December 6, 2021

In the era of networked operations, the advantages of barcode technology integration and application in the retail industry are unmatched by other information technology methods, especially in the field of self-service and self-service cashiers. Some stores integrate 2D scanning module solutions to self-service cashiers. The terminal application has achieved commercial success. In their scenario, customers can complete self-service shopping through the QR code recognition module provided by the terminal application, and can also swipe their mobile phone payment code for convenient payment during checkout.

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We know that payment products such as Alipay, WeChat QR code payment, and UnionPay QR code payment have been widely used in various daily consumption scenarios. At the same time, almost all products in the retail industry have barcodes and QR codes printed on them. Through the integrated application of barcode technology, customers can easily scan barcodes with barcode recognition terminals to obtain product information, including product description, unit price, origin, etc.; when all the barcodes of the products selected by the customer have been scanned, they will be collected. At this time, you only need to upgrade the screen operation of the terminal, select the appropriate payment method, and align the mobile payment QR code with the barcode scanning window to quickly and accurately complete the self-service shopping and self-checkout, which is convenient To consumers, it also creates conditions for the store itself to improve management, increase sales efficiency, and reduce sales costs.

It should be pointed out that most of the scanning process is completed by the two-dimensional barcode scanning module. When it is successfully set to the induction mode, the scanning module will enter the sleep mode immediately. When there is a product barcode or a mobile phone QR code passing by When the module is in front of the window, the sensor will automatically detect and immediately wake up the LED to read the bar code, and then send a "didi" successful reading feedback. Nowadays, the QR code scanning function of self-service cashier terminals in the retail industry has been gradually improved. The reason is that it has obvious commercial advantages and can help retailers create value.

RAKINDA will briefly introduce a LV5300 QR code scanning module that is very suitable for embedding in self-service cashier terminal applications. It uses CMOS imaging technology and internationally advanced intelligent image recognition technology, which can quickly Recognize all kinds of one-dimensional codes and two-dimensional codes, including barcodes on paper/product outer packaging and mobile phone two-dimensional codes (payment codes) can be easily read, automatically trigger scanning, scanning light is very soft and eye-catching, users do not have to worry about scanning Light poses any threat to human health; perfect command control function enables the host to accurately control the operation of the equipment, the entire system is integrated, the image collector and the decoder board are integrated design, high integration, small size, reading window Large, provides USB and TTL-232 interfaces to meet more interface requirements, and is very easy to be embedded in various cabinet applications.