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How to choose a fixed industrial barcode reader?

January 6, 2023

With the modernisation and diversification of the manufacturing industry, most enterprises adopt barcode management in the production process to improve efficiency, but with the investigation, it is found that most of the enterprises still follow the manual barcode posting method in the data recording, quality tracking and process management of each process in their production process, which is prone to problems such as less code or re-code, and the manual efficiency is low and the cost is high. Therefore, industrial code readers and advanced barcode management systems must be used to solve the problem of automatic detection of barcodes on conveyor belts and assembly lines, and to judge the different states of reading barcodes to control the stop and start of the assembly line to achieve the automation of the production line.


How to choose a fixed industrial code reader?


With the change of barcode identification technology, many industries began to introduce fixed identification equipment, such as O2O intelligent devices, mobile payment and public transport, etc., to embed and integrate into the device way, integrated into the host so as to form a "barcode scanning area", so as to provide flexibility, reliability and efficiency for barcode, two-dimensional code data collection and processing. This provides a new means of flexibility, reliability and efficiency for barcode and 2D data capture and processing, and significantly reduces labour costs. So how should companies choose a fixed industrial code reader? The following look at the introduction of Suzhou Visionary small explanation.


Fixed industrial code reader according to the application of different can be divided into two types.

(1) industrial automation applications

This fixed industrial code reader is generally used in the production line, according to the product barcode label transmitted by the assembly line is automatically read by the scanner to determine the heavy code, lack of code or less code, and automatic sorting, which will often be based on the speed of the conveyor belt and scanning distance, etc. to select the corresponding barcode scanning products, due to the specificity of the sweeping conditions, generally need to use industrial code reader or industrial vision The scanning of codes is done by using industrial readers or industrial vision.


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(2) Fixed into the terminal equipment

Such as embedded integrated into the host of intelligent access control, channel gates, bus self-service equipment collection, self-service payment machine, document production equipment and other self-service equipment, can automatically sense read the user's paper barcode and screen 2D code information, provides a USB and RS232 interface and secondary development package to expand a series of self-service function modules, so it will also be widely used in electronic ticketing, mobile payment, intelligent transportation, Smart Community and Public Transport.


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