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Hotel Check-in Machine Applied To Rakinda Scanning Module RD4600

September 25, 2018

The status of a traditional hotel is as follows: During the peak period from Monday to Saturday, traditional hotel check-in not only needs to be queued up, but also requires a series of cumbersome registrations. It takes a long time for guests to check in and check out which brings bad service experience. The traditional hotel check-in mode has the following four major problems: 1: High time cost: long manual registration time-consuming, long waiting time for customers; 2: poor customer experience: inconvenient to find change and cannot support mobile payment; 3: service window high pressure: Large number of tourists on holiday, check-in or check-out intelligence queued at the same window and very inefficient; 4: data statistics and difficult to save: Manual statistics workload is heavy, error-prone and unable to share data in a timely manner.


The hotel self-check-in machine Wechat payment can help hotel operators change this situation. The hotel's self-check-in machine can embed ID code scanning module RD4600, and guests can complete the entire process of identity registration, verification, order processing, mobile payment and room card acquisition on their own devices, and they can complete self-check-out and receive electronic invoices like these procedures. In order to achieve efficient hotel information management, Smart Hotel self-service machine built-in 2D barcode scanner module, combined with the software payment system to seamlessly dock Alipay, WeChat payment interface, so as to meet the diverse payment needs of customers.


At present, the popular hotel check-in machine WeChat payment scanning module on the market is mostly used in the RD4600 2D scanner module, which has a good performance for reading mobile phone screen bar code information. It can read the barcode easier under the battery power shortage, mobile phone screen film and the case of color bar codes, etc, which not only improves the passenger experience, but also speeds up the hotel check-in and check-in efficiency!

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RD4600 barcode scanner module is such a scanner. When phone screen code is presented, it only needs less than 0.4 seconds to respond. Users can get first time scan easily. The phenomenon of crowds waiting at info kiosk is greatly relieved with this high tech kiosk. When you develop such kiosk, pls kindly contact us for RD4600 2d barcode reader, which will be just right for you!
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