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Fixed Mount QR Code Scanner for Turnstile to Scan Barcode from Printed and Screen Medium

January 5, 2018

With the development of bar code technology and the popularity of smart phones, "scan code to check ticket" has become a trend of large exhibition ticketing.


2D code turnstile is that the gate is embedded into 2D barcode scan engine to take charge of people in and out and collect the data, which is same to IC card and ID card, adding the card reader and barcode scanner, which can read 2D code and credit card together at the same time.


In the entrance, only does the audience scan the code on the scanning window of the smart gates, scan the printed ticket or electronic 2D code booked from mobile phone, people can pass the turnstile after verified successfully. Many access control of scenic areas or exhibitions use the intelligent turnstiles that are built into QR code reader, integration of automatic bar code identification and electronic ticketing technology to achieve "scan code to check ticket" of the audience by themselves!


People bought the tickets online by mobile phones or computers, 2D barcode tickets will be sent to the phone by the system after booking successfully. As long as the audience just needs put the ticket onto the 2D code scanner engine of the smart turnstiles so as to save the time of the queue to buy tickets and check.


Rakinda has rich experience and products in the field of bar code recognition. According to the functional requirements of 2d code turnstile, Rakinda launched the embedded 4500 series 2d QR code scanner to enhance the code scanning experience. At present, the bar code scanning module is widely used in access gates, 2d code access control, self-service ordering machines and other self-service terminals, welcome to consult!