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Embedded bacode reader Using in the medical self-service terminal

May 9, 2022

As the national online use of health insurance electronic vouchers in more and more areas, often deal with the health insurance business, can call out to pay treasure, WeChat electronic social security card show "voucher code", through qr code scanner equipment scanning reading, can complete health insurance personal account "code pay", even without social security card can health insurance query, ginseng registration and reimbursement payment, etc...When we encounter more medical insurance electronic voucher code scanning application, the code scanner is actually integrated and embedded in the medical self-service terminal. The core bar code reading component of the application adopts the two-dimensional bar code recognition module, namely the two-dimensional code scanning module, also called the two-dimensional code reading engine.

After understanding, after opening the relevant functions of ginseng can with personal exclusive "health insurance electronic certificate" show qr code of mobile phone, scan at the effective area of scanner equipment, brush mobile phone can complete identification, registration, payment, health insurance query and medical settlement, reduce waiting time, avoid zero and credit card, avoid direct contact during the outbreak, realize no contact "scan code for medical treatment".You should know that in fact, these self-service machines are embedded in the 2D code scanning module, giving full play to the performance of bar code automatic identification, collection and data transmission, to integrate the function of medical insurance electronic voucher scanning code application, so as to support all medical insurance related businesses.

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However, the survey shows that the current market embedded self-service QR code reading equipment is very different in the scanning performance and sensitivity: the scanner is not sensitive, the mobile phone screen is not easy to sweep; in the mobile phone screen reflection, color film, backlight or dark circumstances can not normally read the mobile phone screen code information...Do you remember these scenes in the use of various medical self-service terminal devices?In order to improve the decoding performance of the scanner, convenient medical insurance electronic voucher qr code quick read induction, Shenzhen RAKINDA launched embedded RD4500 series two-dimensional scanning module, especially suitable for all kinds of self-service cabinet, intelligent self-service terminal, medical insurance electronic voucher terminal application, efficient and rapid identification and verification of medical insurance electronic voucher code, so as to provide more reliable and convenient self-service.

In health insurance electronic voucher qr code scanning project scenario, just through serial integration RD4500 series of qr code scanner as information recognition and reading, create intimate, warm heart, comfortable health insurance service new experience, and users can scan through self-service terminal for medical insurance query, health insurance settlement, diagnosis and treatment process such as business just brush mobile phone, don't have to carry physical health insurance card.

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In order to facilitate the insured to use the medical insurance electronic voucher to scan a doctor, we continue to develop new products: two-dimensional code scanner, two-dimensional barcode identification module, two-dimensional code scanning module, QR code reading engine, two-dimensional code reading equipment, two-dimensional scanning module, two-dimensional barcode reader...

The RD4500 series QR code scanner is another upgrade and breakthrough of Shenzhen RAKINDA embedded scanning code products, which provides an intelligent tool for scanning the QR code of medical insurance electronic vouchers, promotes the root of smart medical care, and truly realizes "one code in hand, medical insurance without worry"