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China cashless 2d code payment is a trendency

January 4, 2018


                             China cashless 2d code payment is a trendency


With the acceleration of the process of "cashless society" in China and further penetration of smart terminals like mobile phones, as well as Tencent and Alipay, China UnionPay has invested heavily in market cultivation and users both online and offline Habits of training, China's mobile payment market presents explosive growthAt present, mobile payment of entrance communication technology is divided into two camps: 2d code and NFC technology, the last of these two technologies push hand is the Internet business and traditional financial enterprises two forces. In order to seize the initiative, the battle between the technology and the standard of the two also lasts long.

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At present, NFC applications have a bright future. All parties including Internet companies, CUP, banks, mobile operators and handset manufacturers are stepping up their efforts in construction. With the smart phone upgrade, NFC has slowly become the standard. In many ways, it is undeniable that NFC payment products dominated by Unionpay have obvious security advantages over 2d code payment, and versatility has also rapidly risen with the upgrade of terminal manufacturers. NFC will enter the main stage of mobile payment. If the 2d code leads to new technical solutions in security, the mobile payment market may turn into NFC and 2d code.


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