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Barcode Scanner Has Good Application in KFC

October 27, 2017


Rakinda Barcode Scanner Promotes the Upgrading of KFC

K Pro, the first KFC new restaurant was officially opened on July 1st, 2017. It caters for young people’s life style. Different from traditional KFC restaurants, K Pro has brandly new decoration style. It even sells beer and crayfish Its target customers are young people.

We can see KFC’s ambition and efforts to promote its sales performance.

The first K Pro is located in CBD of Hongzhou City, nearby with ANT Financial. K Pro is more focused on healthy food, rather than its traditional menu with fried fries and chicken. It promotes fresh vegetables salad and freshly ground coffee. Also K Pro sells more Chinese food, such as young people’s favorite in summer: crayfish. Its menu changes with season. Though its price is higher than traditional KFC restaurants, it has its own clients group.

Customers can order the food and finish the payment by themselves with the kiosk below.

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With big high resolution display, customers can better choose their snacks. With qr code payment method, customers can finish the payment in one second. Is it awesome?

This payment kiosk embeds LV4200 2D barcode scanner module inside. It can scan phone screen code very fast.

Surely K Pro brings better experience for customers.

RD4100 is also a good scanner for KFC. It can scan the phone screen payment code fast. Its response time is less than 0.4 second. It speeds up the payment process, especially in lunch time when many peole are waiting. 

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Rakinda has been focused on barcode scanner, barcode scanner module for 17 years. We are willing to cooperate with clients to lead the new payment method and promote new life style. If you are interested in such application, please contact Rakinda. We will do our best to provide you fit barcode scanner solutions.