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Application of Wristband, PDA for Mobile Nursing Information System of Patient Identification

July 23, 2018

Rakinda applies bar code and RFID technologies to patient wristbands, infusion labels, pathological inspection labels, and specimen labels. It makes full use of bar code printers to print information and scan wristbands or tag information through PDA mobile terminals to complete hospital admissions and clinical treatment quickly and accurately, identification of patients, medicines and specimens under different conditions such as examination, surgery, and first aid. That is through the bar code to achieve patient data collection, identification, reconciliation, management integration.


It enables mobile nursing bt the combination of barcode technology and wireless technology .
Check the “two points” of the patient's identity and drug to achieve the implementation of the 5R standard for medical care management (the right dose, the right method, the right time, the right patient, the right medicine).
The usage cost is low for introduction, there is no need to change the existing system, and it can be used without connecting the backbone system.


Introduction effects
Scan barcodes to verify the patient's identity in case of medical errors or accidents such as mis-delivery to reduce the psychological burden on medical staff.
Nursing requires multiple transcriptions, transcriptions, manual verifications, etc. Barcoding makes the work faster and easier to improve work efficiency greatly.
It actually relieves the work and physical and psychological burdens of medical staff to improve the ability of nursing care and the turnover rate of beds, and the image of hospitals for the efficient and orderly management of new types of care.


Rakinda, a leading manufacturer of barcode scanner and Internet of Things in China for 18 years, and we have been developing new projects like self-service store, access control system that are launched already. If have any interests, contact me please.