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Application of Scanning Gun in Logistics

July 16, 2018

Recently, with the development of information networking of the Internet of Things, express scanning guns have been widely used in the development of modern logistics. The integration of its technology with automatic identification technology, wireless communication technology and database technology is the important development direction in automatic acquisition of modern logistics information and real-time information transmission.


In the process of logistics distribution, the most accurate and cost-effective identification, tracking and sorting functions provided by barcode scanning have greatly improved the quality and efficiency of the postal industry in shipping, receiving and material handling operations. Express delivery personnel can use the automatic data capture of express scanning guns to deliver packages faster and more accurately, returning customers and loyal customers. It can be seen that the importance of having a high-performance courier gun is obvious in every operation point of logistics distribution.


So the question is, which scanner is more competitive? Rakinda RK200 handheld scanner will be your best choice. RK200 is wireless 2D barcode scanner. It can scan one-dimensional barcode and two-dimensional barcode, wireless transmission, auto-sensing barcode function and other functions. It can directly plug and play with USB or not. It doesn’t need to setup, connect internet or install driver. It will auto storage data when scanning in outside or remote from computer. It can support 7 huors of continuous use or 1 month of standby model when it is full charged. The most important function is that it can support wireless transmission with a range of meters for outdoor an a range of 20 meters for indoor.


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