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Application Of PDA In Store Management

November 21, 2018

Established in 1995, Shanghai Metersbonwe Fashion Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Meibang”) is a well-known domestic casual wear brand. It has nearly 4,700 direct stores and franchise stores.


In recent years, along with the geometric growth trend of the number of costumes in the United States, the traditional store management has also exposed many problems: the inventory count takes a long time, the manual recording is easy to make mistakes, the order management is not convenient, the store data cannot be shared...


To this end, Smith Barney chose the “clothing store management solution” to help the store management information upgrade.

The program uses the portable collection terminal as the carrier and the self-developed inventory management system as the medium to provide services such as sales order inquiry, inbound and outbound inventory, distribution and offline operation for shoe and apparel enterprises, and completes the whole station from warehousing to chain stores. The information management mode greatly improves the operation efficiency of the store and reduces the management cost of the store.

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For the bar code and back-end management software used by Smith Barney, we have enhanced the reading performance of proprietary barcodes on the smart terminal PDA. And through the self-developed inventory software, the store out of the warehouse, inventory data management and analysis functions are seamlessly connected to the customer's back-end management system.

Rakinda S2 Plus 2D IP 68 PDA Barcode Scanner can use in the harsh working environment, and it have the high battery capacity , it have the 5200AMH battery , it will not any problem to work all day long.


Relying on powerful back-end data processing software, it can query the sales data of each store in real time, help the company to understand the shortage of goods in stores, slow-moving products, etc., timely revise the production plan, and complete the rapid allocation of goods.

The problems of low data accuracy and lag of information caused by the manual entry of a large number of merchandise orders have been alleviated, and the real-time sharing of sales data and inventory data of retail stores in various regions has been realized, improving the efficiency of store operation management and creating a good brand competition. Advantage.


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