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Android Barcode Scanner Module Using in Vending Machine

January 20, 2021

In the surging wave of anti-scanning applications, as user groups are increasingly inclined to use QR bar codes Scanner on mobile phone screens for quick payment and various transactions, many self-service machine integrators will consider the original foundation. Upgrade the functions of the device, dock the Alipay WeChat payment interface with a mature barcode payment solution, and open up a fast and efficient anti-scanning payment channel. The implementation of this function depends entirely on the "embedded QR code scanning module".


It is understood that in the integrated application of the self-service terminal, the two-dimensional code module fully integrates the automatic identification, collection and data transmission performance of the two-dimensional code to realize the self-inductive identification of mobile phone and paper one-dimensional two-dimensional barcode information and achieve self-service scanning Features. However, it uses an image acquisition form. If a low-quality two-dimensional code embedded module is used, it may be insensitive to reading a two-dimensional barcode information under strong light, low light, and high reflectance. This is something that self-service terminal manufacturers should consider.

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RD4500 series embedded series scanning module is a bar code reading module customized for OEM of self-service machines / access control machines / smart cabinets / O2O smart device integrators. It uses a high-performance decoding chip, especially for mobile phone screen codes. The scanning light has been processed and optimized with special technology, which can not only read paper codes, but also particularly sensitive to one-dimensional two-dimensional bar codes displayed on screens such as mobile phones and iPads; the modular design of core functions optimizes the scanning distance, Angle and fill light effect, can easily read mobile phone screen codes with different contrast, colors and reflection levels; wide-angle and fast scan with large viewing window, scanning speed theory up to 300 times / second, comparable to international advanced level; compatible with various payment and Ticketing system, perfectly embedded in smart gates, access control and self-service devices.


Shenzhen Rakinda Technologies has a solid background and extensive industry experience in R & D of embedded scanner modules and smart devices. Its self-developed mobile payment smart devices and smart community core devices have been successfully applied in all walks of life including smart public transportation, Logistics and warehousing, manufacturing, smart communities, smart medical, unmanned supermarkets, access to the market's praise! Invites intelligent equipment research and development operations (channel gates / smart access / smart bus / handheld bar code machines / self-service terminals and other smart devices) win-win cooperation, to provide customers with quality solutions!