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Amazon Will Launch QR Code Payment in Japan

February 15, 2019

Amazon announced that it will launch a mobile phone QR code payment service in Japan. Users only need to bind a credit card on Amazon's mobile app, and they can use Amazon's QR code to pay at the convenience store where the app is launched.


Amazon's QR code payment was launched with the Japanese payment company Nihon Pay. Japanese payment companies provide free terminals such as tablets for the first batch of merchants supporting Amazon QR code payment, which is convenient for store owners to scan QR code to collect money. Amazon announced that the store can use the QR code payment function free of charge before 2020 with no charge. Amazon hopes to seize the market through this movement.


Amazon provides QR code through its existing online shopping App, which does not require consumers to provide additional personal information and payment information, making it easier to apply. This greatly reduces the barriers to use and also makes payments safer and more reliable.

Japan is a cash payment society, and there are fewer mobile payment applications such as QR code payment. But in recent years, the Japanese government and major financial institutions are promoting a cashless society actively, trying to make a large mobile payment scale. With the addition of Amazon, competition will become more intense in this area. China Mobile payment giants, Alipay and WeChat Pay, are already widely deployed in Japan, which will face greater competitive pressure.


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